Leave a mark


“Leave a mark they can’t erase, neither space nor time.” – Jay-Z

At MisfitConf in Fargo last year, Justin Levy gave a presentation about life, overcoming challenges and obstacles, and Jay-Z. He even used this Jay-Z quote. At the time I was jet-lagging something fierce, but I still remember the presentation well, and this is one of the key points that stood out for me.

(Interesting fact: Justin apparently manages to work a Jay-Z quote into pretty much every keynote he delivers, because he’s a huge fan, but also because there’s wisdom in the lyrics if you simply look deeper.)

This morning I’ll be attending a “farewell” from Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation – a charity I have supported massively over the past 8 years since 2006. It makes me enormously proud to think of the images I’ve created, the money I’ve helped the Foundation raise, and the massive library of images I’ve created for them to use in their communication and marketing efforts – all pro-bono.

Because we’re packing up from Sydney at the end of this year, I thought I ought to finish up my work with SCHF before the end of the year, so I can assist with any handover they need, while I’m still in town, hence today’s farewell.

This isn’t designed to be a big “how good am I?” kind of post – my intention has always simply been to do the right thing, and support a wonderful institution with a critical and noble mission. Instead, this post is intended to draw your focus to the notion of legacy. I wrote about it recently here – but it’s an ongoing conversation in my mind, and I believe it ought to be in yours too.

What are some of the marks you’re leaving that can’t be erased, neither space nor time?

With love,
Israel. xo