September 19, 2014


“Know what you stand for.”

Once upon a time, a photographer ordered a rush canvas for a dear friend and clients’ second wedding anniversary (cotton).

The canvas, being shipped early, arrived early, and with much excitement, the photographer took up a blade, and cleft the packaging in twain.

And lo! It was not good.

For, being a low-lit image upon the steps of the House of Opera, it was too dark. The figures looked like silhouettes, the sails looked like mud, and the overall mood was far too sombre.

And the photographer did curse and wail, for he knew the date of the anniversary, and it was nigh.

He called the craftsman with much anger, and did challenge him. The craftsman was polite, calm, and resolute. The photographer gave up, and resolved to give the canvas to his clients, despite it not being his best work.

He lay down to sleep, with much consternation in his mind.

Upon waking, our photographer did look, and think, and calmly call the canvas supplier, asking if a miracle could be obtained. Could a new canvas be made and delivered in time?


And there was rejoicing of the highest order. And the photographer could keep his integrity as an artist, and the client and friend would be happier and more satisfied on their anniversary.


The key message here, is that the photographer (duh – me) wasn’t prepared to lower his standards.

I stand for the best quality, with no compromise. I stand for treating my clients like gold. I stand for doing my best.

Do I always get there? No.

But I always strive.

Had I given up, I would have given up on my integrity and my standards, and that is something that would be unforgivable to myself.


What do you stand for? Do you know? Might be worth knowing, otherwise, when things get busy / tough, you’ll fall over at the slightest touch for the easy path.

With love,
Israel. xo


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