I love reading books. I haven’t had a whole lot of time recently to read anything meaningful (i.e. long) because of my work schedule, and because of how much I am prioritising sleep. In days gone by, I would work until 9 or 10, then read for a few ours in bed. Gratifying, but wholly unsustainable as a model for good sleep and a healthy brain.

Last night I had originally planned to work all evening while my wife went out to a Hen’s night for a good friend. I have sh*tloads on my schedule (as we all do), and I wanted to finish my last wedding album design.

But when evening rolled around, and the kids were asleep in bed, I decided that I’d take some time to indulge my passion for reading books. I was most of the way through The Hobbit, so I curled up on the couch and read the last dozen or so chapters. The cat decided to lounge on my lap, and I enjoyed a peaceful time-out from the world for a couple hours.

This morning, I feel well rested (thankyou lots of sleep) but I also feel content, because I gave myself permission to do something just for me, on my own time and my own terms.

I’m not suggesting we make a habit of being purely hedonistic. I’m not suggesting we give in to every whim of our ego, or every “squirrel” moment that comes our way. That way madness lay.

I am, however, proposing that we let our hair down occasionally. That we take a moment to feel good, purely for its own sake. That we indulge in the things that make us happy from time to time, for no other reason, than they make us happy.

If that means watching a movie that you absolutely love, or eating chocolate guilt-free, or drinking some nice whisky, or even just sleeping in for a few hours, then once in a while, DO IT. Indulge.

It’s good for our hearts and our souls. It reminds us that we love ourselves, and that the hard work we all put in has rewards at the end of it.

How will you indulge today?

With love,
Israel. xo