August 10, 2014


“How’s the serenity?” – Darryl Kerrigan

There’s a delicious irony about this sentiment. I’m currently on holidays. The journey to get here was challenging, what with airports, shuttle buses, hire car companies, and an eleven-strong contingent of family – most of whom are so alike as to cause tensions and clashes with the slightest provocation.

The quote comes from this film – a classic independent Australian film that has made its way into the culture of our nation, possibly because it is too accurate.

This morning has been filled with arguing kids, misbehaving parents, and more tension as per yesterday, as we strive to leave the house “on time” (despite being on holidays).

I’m doing my best to enjoy the “serenity” of being on holidays. I did yoga today, and there is a lovely water feature just outside our apartment window as I write this.

How’s the serenity? It’s beautiful – as long as you find the serene moments within the chaos.

With love,
Israel. xo


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