Hide Nothing


“Hide nothing, for time, which sees all and hears all, exposes all.” – Sophocles

This morning my son jumped into bed around 6am for some warm cuddles. (Which I LOVE.)

The interesting part is this: lying there in between me and Belinda, Ril asked “Why does time become long ago?”

Hmm. Existential angst and philosophical questing at age 3? Totes unprepared.

The best we could answer was “That’s just how time works. It passes each minute, each day, and eventually things that happen in time become long ago.”

This has sated his thirst for now. We’ll see for how long.

Today’s quote is about time, but also about living with integrity and transparency. If we are faking it, time will tell. Similarly, if we are genuine, open and honest, over time things will be easier because we will be aligned with our truth and won’t have to keep checking our backstory.

Have a beautiful day, wherever in the world you find yourself today.

With love,
Israel. xo