Gratitude is the fairest blossom


“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Today’s IQ quote and picture don’t really match up in the traditional way. But, they make sense from my perspective. Gratitude is the link between all the elements.

I’m very grateful for this image I took of the Opera House. It makes me happy, proud, excited, and just kinda warm and fuzzy. I love the sun hiding behind the sail. I love the curves of the building contrasted with the cool gradient of the sky. I love the off-kilter composition, and how it still feels peaceful despite the visual tension.

Right now, as I sit here writing this, I’m also very grateful for all the amazing, beautiful things in my life – my wife, my kids, my health, my talents, my friends, my resources.

And lastly, the quote resonated so strongly with me after the day I’ve had, that I simply had to use it with this image. That’s how it all ties together. With gratitude.

As for the day I’ve had… my head is fairly foggy right now. I’ve been banging away at website design stuff for my wife tonight, after having an enormous day attending a presentation by the fabulous Sue Bryce which blew my mind. Oh, and I photographed an extended family of eight in my *tiny* studio this afternoon. Oh, and we had world war three with the kids at dinner-time AND bath-time tonight, and everyone broke the Orange Rhino challenge of No Yelling For A Year. (Which we officially started about 9 days ago.)

So, as I reflect on what has been a full day, it is my feelings of gratitude that anchor me and keep me from sinking into a funk.

I hope you take a moment, after reading this, to express gratitude for the amazing abundance in your life. Even better – take on the challenge of writing something in a Gratitude diary every day. I’ve been using a great little iPhone app for this, which is called – oddly enough – Gratitude Journal.

Thankyou for being here, and giving me an avenue to express myself.

And to the lovely people who came up to me at the Sue Bryce seminar today and said how much they love getting these IQ’s each day, THANKYOU. You made my day that little bit more awesome, and for YOU, I am grateful.

With love,
Israel. xo