After you get the fire started


“After you get the fire started, just one log, placed just right, will last for hours.” – David Baeza

This IQ goes out to a friend of mine I met at MisfitCon last year. David Baeza. Self-proclaimed Maximist (ie opposite of Minimalist), but – I think, anyway – a real softie who loves his kids and is just looking for the same thing as the rest of us: the keys to a great, happy, fulfilling life.

David recently posted this quote alongside one of his own shots of an open fire. I have a policy of shooting all the images myself on these Daily IQs, so I dug out a photo from a trip I made to Perth almost two years ago for a funeral. This was a backyard fire, part of a party the day before the funeral, as absent family and friends caught up on lost time.

Back to David’s quote. Think of it as a metaphor for so many different aspects of our lives. Business. Fitness. Family. Routine. Rhythm.

Once you’re moving, putting the right thing in place, at the right time, will give you results for the long term.

There’s a bit of wood for the old mental fire, eh?

(See what I did there?)

With love,
Israel. xo