False Expectations Appearing Real


“FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real.”

Yesterday I drove a 13.5 metre, 15-tonne bus for the first time. I also managed to qualify for my Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence. One more item checked off the list for our upcoming adventure around Oz. Yay!

This morning, I had a crying, wailing mess for a daughter. She was completely distraught about this morning’s band practice session, and learning to play the drums well enough for the upcoming recital.

For background, Indrani missed the last two weeks of band practice for various reasons, including picking me up off the flight home from the USA – where, coincidentally, today’s photo comes from. But she also barely practices, and simply turns up to her lessons and muddles her way through.

I took her back to something we discussed about 4 or 5 months ago.


False Expectations Appearing Real.

Indrani expects to look a fool, or play badly, or embarrass her self at either band practice, her lessons, or her recital. She expects that the same teacher will show up every week to conduct the concert band. She also expects to be able to do everything the other kids can do, without any practice.


I explained that we need to get out of our comfort zones. We need to push ourselves to grow and experience new things. I referred her to my bus driving course yesterday. I woke up this morning with a cold, a sore throat, and a general feeling of BLEAH as a result of the mental concentration and stress I put myself through yesterday. But hey, I’m now a licensed bus driver!

If Indrani wants to be a drummer, she needs to push through the fear and the discomfort to get to the other side of having skills and performing well.

What kinds of False Expectations are holding you back?

With love,
Israel. xo

PS. Today marks IQ number FIVE HUNDRED. Five Zero Zero. 500. Amazing. Thanks for sticking with it. Funny how it’s one about FEAR, don’t you think?