“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” – Antonio Banderas

My family all wend for a bike ride yesterday, as part of the 10 Week Family Challenge we’ve been running as part of our 10th Birthday Celebration.

I would love to say it was easy, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable. But, thanks to my expectations, it was nothing of the sort.

I ended up bent-double, riding one-handed as I towed Rilien’s bike along the path, for almost the entire time. I was uncomfortable, it was really windy (and hence tough going), and the whole experience was frustrating and stressful for me.

I later realised, talking with Bel, that my expectations were the key to my disappointment. I expected it would be fun, easy, and thoroughly enjoyable. I expected that we’d all be cycling together like a perfect happy family. I didn’t expect that we’d be dealing with mid-ride toilet stops, or fear and nervousness about riding, or a howling wind.

There were beautiful moments – seeing Rilien and Indrani riding around on their own, playing with the kids at the playground at the halfway point, and having fun with Belinda as we tried to do chin-ups on the monkey bars. 

But my expectations and frustrations took the shine off those moments yesterday. We returned home and I was upset, angry, and feeling stressed.

Better that I had expected nothing.

Check your expectations. Try to lower them, or better yet, let them go. Notice what changes. Tell me about it. :)

With love,
Israel. xo