Some days you just gotta hustle.


“Some days you just gotta hustle.”

Today’s IQ is rather late. Sorry about that. Let me tell you a story about why.

A few days ago, some clients arrived at my door for their appointment to view their family portraits. One minor problem: due to a (very rare) calendar mixup, I had their appointment time in for a day later, and hadn’t yet processed their images to be ready for viewing.

A minor panic ensued, and I fumbled over my words for a minute or two before I remembered that the couple had driven for almost 45 minutes to see me, and the time we had booked was a rare window for them where they both had no work and no kids.

On remembering this, I offered to process their shoot and meet with them, if they could spare me an hour to process the shoot. They readily agreed to go for a walk, grab a coffee, and enjoy the sunny day at Coogee while I worked on their portraits.

Fortunately, everything went swimmingly, they loved the shots, I was able to make it happen.

The lesson? Some days you just gotta hustle.

Today’s IQ is late because I’ve been following that same mantra. I worked all day yesterday on our bus designs and finishes, working late into the night. I got up at 5am to keep going on the specifications, and even now, I’m still not quite finished. (It’ll be a magna carta by the time I’m done…!)

Today’s photo, by the way, is the interior of our bus without seats or racks or carpet. This was taken a little over a week ago. There is now even less on the interior, and the roof has been raised up to the new height for yours truly, so I can walk around without scalping myself. (Important.)

I missed the IQ deadline quite by accident, because I was so head-down in hustle mode on the bus design. You know those days you just HAVE to get it all done?

Yep. Today is that day. Again.

There will be many more of these days before the end of the year. I said to Bel a few days back that I feel like I need a week with NOTHING to do except catch up. She told me to get used to it, because we’ve got that much happening between now and Departure, that most weeks will feel like that. I reluctantly agreed, and then had a big laugh with her about it.

Then we felt better.

And we got back to work.


With love,
Israel. xo



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