Cross the bridge


“Cross the bridge when you get to it.”

Don’t worry about things that are too far ahead of you. Don’t panic. Stay calm. Concentrate on the present moment. Relax.


Wow, what a fortnight. Since getting back from our holiday to Crescent Head, Belinda and I haven’t stopped.

We’ve pulled up carpet, re-sealed bathrooms, polished, scoured, co-ordinated tradesmen, and all the other fun stuff involved with a whirlwind renovation of our 2-bedroom apartment in preparation for selling it.

We’ve returned to a HUGE calendar full of shoots and appointments with happy, delighted clients.

We’ve created and run a Hassle Free Healthy Lunch Boxes webinar, and have created and launched a new eCourse called The 5-Minute Healthy Lunch Box System.

We’ve also converted our entire business database and client management system to Infusionsoft. (If you want an intro to these guys, lemme know. It’s AMAZING.)

We’ve slept an average of 4 or 5 hours a night for the past two weeks while we got everything done, and we’re ready for it to stop. I’ve missed my kids, and they’ve missed me, because of how much we’ve been working.

(This is the reason I missed creating an IQ yesterday… it was crunch day with the apartment, including furniture deliveries, styling, and photography.)

Fortunately it is only a short-term thing. Life will return to normal-ish as of today, starting with the IQ.

If anything, this past fortnight has re-inforced how much we can all get done when we simply put our minds to it. It also re-inforced the value of staying present, addressing each challenge as it arrives – and not before – and breathing DEEPLY as often as  possible.

Have a brilliant weekend, and if you’re in Sydney, I’m running a Photo Walk TODAY around Watson’s Bay and Camp Cove. If you’re interested, the full details are here. I’d love to see you there :)

With love,
Israel. xo