Constraints breed creativity


“Constraints breed creativity.”

Innovation comes from the need to do something interesting with finite or scarce resources; to do more with less.

Creativity only arises of necessity: I need a better solution to this problem.

A painter is constrained by the size of her canvas, the available paints, the brushes she has to work with (if any), and so on.

A photographer is constrained by his camera and lenses, among other things.

An architect is constrained by the materials with which she works, and the “blank canvas” of the available space, the volumes of human traffic, etc.

That is to say nothing of financial constraints.

And that is to say nothing of the constraints we impose upon ourselves in our own heads.

Be excited when you get a clear, defined set of constraints: it is an opportunity to be really, truly, creative.

With love,
Israel. xo