Chase your dreams


“Chase your dreams until you catch them… and then dream, catch, and dream again!” – Dee Marie

Today’s IQ goes out to my little sister Bree, the youngest of my siblings. She’s just started a new business called Dream Abreeze making handcrafted Dream Catchers, and together we created a logo/brand and a new website Bree can use to sell her amazing artworks.

Her creativity is extraordinary, and her commitment to her new dream of being an artist-entrepreneur making her artworks for a living, is utterly inspiring. (And something I can completely relate to!)

Bree hasn’t had the easiest time of things recently, but this new project is giving her something beautiful to direct her creative energy, and she makes me so proud.

I love you, Bree.

Please go over to her new website and check out her work. If her story resonates with you, or if you love some of her art Dream Catcher pieces, please place an order.

In the meantime, do what Bree is doing – chase your dreams!

With love,
Israel. xo