September 17, 2013


“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Bit of a late delivery today! Sorry folks. I went to the 50th Anniversary dinner for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography with my darling wife last night, and after arriving home at 1:30am, I had grand plans of getting up and creating an IQ early in the morning. Guess not!

Today’s image comes from the delightful morning we all spent with dear friend Tuesday and her daughter, on the beach in the Bayside area of Melbourne. As I’m sure you can imagine, I considered the option of sitting at my computer to create an IQ, or instead be present with my family while we enjoyed the company of some friends in a beautiful location.

After another successful “Life of Your Dreams” seminar yesterday in Melbourne, I feel that this quote perfectly sums up my choices. My belief system and lifestyle is all centred on my personal health, and my family time, as my two highest priorities. Last night was an amazing opportunity to kick my heels up with my wife, and this morning was a chance for some great quality time with my family.

To have sacrificed that personal and family time to sit at the computer would have been utterly contrary to my beliefs, hence – according to Gandhi – dishonest.

So while I haven’t delivered this IQ “on time”, I have learned today that late delivery in exchange for family time, feels just fine.

What do you believe in?

With love,
Israel. xo


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