The beginning


“The beginning is half of every action.” – Greek proverb

This is a gem from the Getting Things Done book I started late last week. Simple, yet kick-in-the-pants effective. Use it wisely, and enjoy :)

I also wanted to take a brief moment to give a huge thankyou to Gerrie from WA, who is a dear friend and part of the IQ community. Gerrie had this to say about yesterday’s IQ:

… the first thing I read each morning is Israel‘s quotograph …

…his honesty and very genuine spirit make for ideas and perspectives which always leave me with much to ponder… and I am often surprised at how… through some twist of magic… he seems to be able to constantly present concepts which are so very relevant to my little corner of the universe in that moment…

… and I loved today’s so much I just have to share it…

… heartfelt gratitude to you Is… for everything you share … for everything you aspire to live and understand… and for all the fabulous little ripples this creates in the world around you …

This made my day. It’s nothing short of awesome when someone admires and appreciates your art in such a public way, but more importantly, in a way that demonstrates that they totally “get it”.

Thankyou so much Gerrie, for sharing this yesterday. I am so grateful, as I am also grateful to YOU for reading and responding in your own way. Thankyou for being part of the crew who “get it”, and thankyou for recommending these IQs to your friends and family, and people who are – like us – all searching for the best ways to live a life that inspires us and makes us feel fulfilled.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are, my friends.

With love,
Israel. xo