Always towards absent lovers


“Always toward absent lovers love’s tide stronger flows.” – Sextus Propertius

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a few days. I crashed badly late last week, and I had nothing left in the tank to share with you, I’m afraid. I am doing much better now, thankyou in advance. :) Taking a break from these IQs was the best thing I could have done at the time.

It’s ridiculous to think you are able to serve others when you’re emotionally spent yourself.  (Tweetable.)

Today’s quote is – according to this site – the original quote that spawned the more common “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” phrase. Yes, that bloke’s first name is “Sextus”. He was a Roman poet, and his name apparently means “sixth”, which indicates perhaps that his parents were out of ideas by this point.

Today’s quote perfectly describes how I feel about returning to the helm of the IQs after a few days off. I missed you.


Since Friday, I’ve learned a few things:

1) I have made peace with my ability write a lot, regularly. This was one of my objectives of writing plenty each day alongside the IQ images themselves.

2) I cannot sustain this level of written output for this project, without risking burnout.

3) I do, genuinely, miss producing these and knowing that I’m having a positive impact on your lives – hence today’s quote.

4) Starting work on these at 9:30pm at night (when I should be going to bed) is also unsustainable. So I’m gonna publish earlier.


So, here’s the plan going forward.

I’m going to keep publishing an IQ image every single day, and they will always remain free.
The best way of receiving them is via email, but please feel free to Tweet, Share, Like, Pin, Plus-One, Link, Email them to as many of your friends and colleagues as you can/like/want. Love is an amazing thing – the more you give, the more there is, so please, share the love like wildfire.

I may or may not write an essay inspired by, or relating to, the daily IQ image.
Please don’t take any future radio silence personally, nor as a sign that I’m going off the rails (again). I will be imbuing each IQ with as much love as I can, whether or not I write an essay as well. I need to keep this practice of publishing IQs to something sustainable, and there are other areas of my life and business that now also require my writing time/skills/energy.

The IQs will still arrive around 7am-ish (Sydney time), as individual blasts of inspiration direct to your Inbox.
It’s great to start the day with something positive and uplifting, I reckon. For my amazing International readers, I believe these land somewhere between lunchtime and bedtime, and hopefully give you a lovely opportunity for reflection on the day you’re having /have had.

The IQs and my online presence is evolving in the next short while.
There will, in the soon-ish future, be an option to receive a weekly digest of the Daily IQs, and/or more of my published material from this website (like blog articles about my photography, philosophical articles, etc) and even a monthly complete wrap-up. Changing how and what you receive isn’t compulsory, but will be available as an option soon, to better serve how YOU like to receive my work.

I have long held a plan to offer fine art prints, books, and/or other physical product options for the IQs.
If you’re interested in Inspirational Quotograph products for your own home, as gifts, or for your workplace, I’m conducting some basic research, and would deeply appreciate your input: Please hit reply and tell me a) what kind of products you’d be interested in buying, and b) what prices you’d be interested in paying.


Phew. So that’s the downlow, yo yo.

It has, as always, been real. I’ll be in touch, back to daily, regular programming, and I look forward to serving you more from here on in. Thanks for your patience and understanding while I hit the bumps. :)

With oceans of love,
Israel. xo