Always Do Your Best


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

It’s true. What you are experiencing now is the result of your previous thoughts, words and actions. What you are thinking, saying and doing RIGHT NOW won’t come back to you in the form of results until sometime later.

Either way, just do your best.

Why is this relevant? I’ve had an enormous start to the year, but things have slowed down within our business in the past two or three weeks. This is the result of my previous thoughts, words and actions. (Or lack thereof.)

Talking about it with my wife last night, I made peace with where we are, and realised that despite not doing enough marketing earlier this year (the reason for the slump) I did my best.

We came back from our Christmas holidays, and within this first two months, we renovated an apartment and put it up for sale; created, filmed and launched an entire e-Course; hosted two webinars; started and integrated an entirely new database system for our business; all while shooting, processing and producing a higher volume of work than we’ve EVER returned to after Xmas.

I have barely had time to scratch myself during that first two months, let alone try and come up with adequate new marketing campaigns too… ! I did my best.

In acknowledging my successes and my achievements, I found it much easier to be gentle and kind to myself. Instead of beating myself up for the slump we’re feeling right now, I used my memories of the past successes to buoy me as I work through a slow few weeks. I have worked us through much slower periods that lasted much longer. And we’re still here.

And what I’m doing RIGHT NOW – studying B-School, working on an amazing 10th Birthday Marketing Campaign for my business, and learning as much as I can about online business, is going to set us up for massive success in the future.

I’m doing my best right now, to ensure my family enjoys an amazing adventure around Australia in a sustainable way, with massive success to kick us along. I’m planting seeds now, that I will harvest later.

What are you working on? Have you taken a moment to acknowledge your successes? Have you been doing your best?

Let me know. Hit reply or add a comment. I’d love to hear from you :)

With love,
Israel. xo