8 June 2013


Hello again!

Today’s IQ photo comes from a plane window, at an altitude of something like 20,000 feet, in between Minneapolis St-Paul MN, and Fargo ND USA. I was absolutely captivated by the amazing play of light on TOP of the clouds – not a perspective I’m used to! (I clearly don’t fly enough.)

And the actual quote is yet another continuation of the AMAZING experience I had at Misfit Conf over the past weekend.

(I still can’t actually get my head around the fact that I’ve been on the ground in Sydney for three days already, and that I was only away for 6 days total – which included about 24 hours of flying at either end! Ridiculous.)

So, continuing the conversation about the quote… to me, it’s a little something like this:

If you’re gonna dream and let your mind wander into the clouds, there are no rules! Dream big, bust out some crazy ideas, and let your imagination carry you where it will. We each have this amazing ability to dream, unchecked and uncensored. But how often do you really let yourself go and just imagine?

I remember as a child I’d lay back and imagine shapes and creatures in the clouds – I guess we all probably did. And then, gradually, we get trained out of that habit as life gets busier, time gets more compressed, and we “grow up” in a culture where imagination is the domain of children. Adults don’t daydream – we all have too much other important stuff to do, right?


In the past week, I’ve been reminded of this tendency of adults to lose their imaginations – it keeps coming to me over and over again in a famous quote by the artist Picasso…

…Which, now I think of it, I’ll save, and use for tomorrow’s IQ… and continue this discussion then. ;)

With love,
Israel. xo