A Call to Hearts, Not Arms

Most men are emotionally disconnected and angry – and yet we hold all the big levers that can be used to solve climate change, poverty, social inequity, and war. This is NOT OK.

– Israel Smith

I’m writing to you today with a Call to Hearts, Not Arms.

I believe we are a crossroads for humanity, and in particular masculine evolution.

I believe it’s time for men to truly open their hearts, learn to feel their emotions, fully accept themselves for who they truly are, and cultivate healthy self-love.

Because men are at the top of all the wrong leaderboards:

  • We are THREE times more likely than women to die by our own hand.
  • The VAST majority of violent crimes are committed by men (75%+)
  • Men are LESS likely to seek help for mental ill-health compared to women

And this is only a small part of the overall picture.

My work with my male clients over the past few years, plus my own experiences at mens gatherings, has shown me that men frequently struggle to identify the nuance of their own emotions, and strong surges of emotion generally come out as anger or frustration.

But men are also largely unwilling to be vulnerable enough to express themselves on a deeper emotional level in the first place. Men are scared to acknowledge, much less show or talk about their feelings.

And until men can acknowledge their feelings, they are unable to take responsibility for them, and ensuring they deal with their emotions in non-harmful ways.

As men continue to ignore their feelings, and the pressures and challenges of their world increase, they become more likely to lash out or explode in anger at their family or colleagues. Anger and violence become seen as normal or commonplace expressions of male emotion, instead of the by-product of emotional stuffing and suppression.

Here’s how this is hurting the world.

Men are both emotionally disconnected, AND simultaneously hold the majority of the big levers – government & private sector – which are the keys to solving the major existential and humanitarian problems of our time.

Climate change.
Poverty and social inequality.
Racism and indigenous disadvantage.

Men are expected to deal with the biggest challenges ever faced by humanity as a whole, and be leaders with compassion and kindness, who make decisions for the benefit of ALL humans, and yet these same men are disconnected from their own hearts, and unable to truly FEEL.

This is a broken model, and has literally led us to the brink of our existence on the planet. This is NOT OK, and must change.

Please, tell me I’m wrong.

I’ve been reflecting on this for months, if not years. But especially lately, as I’ve watched the floods in Australia, the pandemic around the world, the war in Ukraine, and the resolute disinterest shown by our leaders to do anything even approximating leadership.

Am I wrong? Or have I struck on something real and important? I want your feedback and opinions. Does this resonate, or am I off my rocker?

Because right now, this is how I am framing my work and my choices in business.

Working to help men get in touch with their emotions, guiding men back to themselves, helping them feel their feelings…  This is my way of working to address the enormous problems of our time.

By working on a ripple effect of men “waking up”… I hope to ultimately work with our “leaders” – the enormous sausage party in charge of the world’s biggest governments and corporations.

I want those men in charge to confront their trauma, open their hearts, and discover the peace and empowerment that can come from being fully embodied at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

I believe that when every man TAKES RESPONSIBILITY for their emotions, and truly goes deeply inward, then every man – EVERY man – becomes stronger, more resilient, less fearful, less ego-driven, and more compassionate as a leader, partner, parent, worker, community member.

Do you agree? Do you disagree?

I’m genuinely curious. I want to discuss this with more people.

Perhaps you’ve got a podcast you’d like to recommend me for? Perhaps you’ve got a friend who needs the guidance and support I am here to provide?

Regardless, please know that the mission I am on, is the work of my life.

My mission is to impact thousands of men in leadership positions around the world, guiding and coaching them to become more emotionally aware, resilient, and healthy, so that they can bravely be truly all of themselves, shine brightly, and take that light of their highest self out into their work and contribution to the world.

Please send me an email let me know whether this resonates with you.

With love and gratitude, as always,
Israel. xo 😃❤️🙏