November 24, 2021

Welcome to Dad’s Guide To Thrive – an interview series where I’ll be having deep, open, vulnerable chats with Dads in business, leadership, entrepreneurship – all about what fathers are struggling with and how they’re managing themselves, energy, emotions, relationships, etc.

My intention is to normalise conversations about the kinds of challenges Dads are facing, help more Dads feel heard and seen, and encourage Dads to get the support they need to Thrive and operate as their best selves.

This week I’m chatting with Michael Ricchio, a business owner, coach, father, and husband who runs a fitness facility outside of Chicago, IL and holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. His focused work is in the lifestyle habits that improve all aspects of health, happiness, and success.

We cover a bunch of interesting topics including parenthood, running, habit change, and his adventures launching a new fitness business in October 2019, only a few short months before COVID hit and closed down the USA.

With love and gratitude,
Israel. xo

You can connect and learn more about Michael here:

Michael has recently launched a new virtual program designed to help all busy parents and adults develop and sustain healthy lifestyle habits. More information can be found at



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