At Israel Smith, we feel blessed and honoured to be invited to share in a couples’ big day.  Every wedding is so unique but the one thing in common is emotion.  Our documentary, fly on the wall style of photography means we capture this pure emotion so it can be relived long after the day. Here is a selection of some of our favourite images from many weddings.

001_00222_1065A 002_00179_0255A 003_00275_0126A 004_00179_1239C 005_00250_1211A 006_00254_0268A 007_00194_0676C 008_00195_0155C 009_00222_1132A 010_00275_0106A 011_00207_0059A 012_00218_0199A 013_00235_0250C 014_00179_0316A 015_00236_1065C 016_00222_0593A 017_00207_0436A 018_00179_0505A 019_00283_1317A 020_00272_0238C 021_00218_0933A 022_00179_1054C 023_00222_1268A 024_00179_1136C 025_00254_0882C 026_00207_1706A 027_00244_1122A 028_00262_1181C 029_00179_0604C 030_00236_1489C 031_00218_0876B 032_00254_1352A 033_00222_1206A 034_00207_1431A 035_00272_0128A 036_00179_0386A 037_00262_1211C 038_00283_2105A 039_00244_0698A 040_00250_0109A 041_00272_0395A 042_00179_1200C 043_00222_0262A 044_00179_1219C 045_00193_0018C 046_00207_1126A 047_00179_1147A 048_00254_1153C 049_00235_1099A 050_00236_0526C 051_00293_0216C 052_00207_1293A 053_00193_0167C copy 054_00193_0810C 055_00283_0376A 056_00218_0889A 057_00193_0915A 058_00254_1395C 059_00207_1467A 060_00193_0972C 061_00222_1183A 062_00193_1005C 063_00218_0953A 064_00194_0969C 065_00194_1006C 066_00179_1826A 067_00255_0901A 068_00262_1063A 069_00254_0347A 070_00207_0233A 071_00207_1198A 072_00255_1028A 073_00193_0946A 074_00218_1234A 075_00255_1320A 076_00275_1385A 077_00283_2086A 078_00293_1009C 079_00284_0983C 080_00179_1273A 081_00283_2050A 082_00235_0995C 083_00222_1807C 084_00218_0645C 085_00236_1132C 086_00244_0376A 087_00262_1249A 088_00283_0415A 089_00244_0430A 090_00222_1300A 091_00275_1486A 092_00262_0159C 093_00244_0562A 094_00275_1365A 095_00272_1416C 096_00283_2075A 097_00244_1264A 098_00293_0204C 099_00254_1334C 100_00250_0720C 101_00255_0973A 102_00284_0079A 103_00275_0220A 104_00250_1316A 105_00254_1138C 106_00254_1265C 107_00250_1169A 108_00254_1436A 109_00262_1230A 110_00283_2082C 112_00255_0947A 113_00262_0047C 114_00293_1057C 115_00283_0519A 116_00275_1455A 117_00283_0412C 118_00284_0775A

3 thoughts on “Weddings”

  1. Your images truly capture the emotion of the day. They are beautifully composed and technically brilliant. Well done, Israel! I have found my wedding photographer :-)

  2. Just decided to google you Israel and what a delight to see so many of my beautiful wedding images on here after almost 7 years! Can I please still order more?

    1. Ahhh Fiona – good to see you popping up on my website too! By all means you can order more. I keep archives FOREVER. I’ve emailed you further details… let’s talk soon. :) xo

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