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Sydney’s Premier Portrait Photographers

Portrait photography is really all about capturing the essence of someone in a single image – a moment, a fleeting glimpse of someone’s true self, all wrapped up in a beautifully presented photograph that stirs some emotion in the viewer and hints at the story of the individual.

Portrait Photographers Love People

The single distinction we draw about our portrait photographers is that the genuinely love people and are inspired by everyone’s unique story and personality. It is said “Eyes are the window to the soul” and it’s true that a brilliant portrait will often have strikingly brilliant eye contact between the subject and the viewer. Everyone wears a mask of sorts as we go through our daily lives, and it takes a wonderful photographer to allow a person to remove the mask – however briefly – to allow a portrait photograph that captures the REAL person underneath.

Each Portrait Tells A Unique Story

Two portraits of the same person taken moments apart will tell vastly different stories. The beauty of our artform is that photographs capture an exact instant in the life of a person, and we each move from emotion to emotion, from thought to thought so rapidly, that as portrait photographers our timing is as important as our ability to interact with our subject.

Being A Great Communicator Is Key

Being an effective portrait photographer requires excellent communication skills to allow the subject to feel completely relaxed and personally “connected” with their photographer, even if there are lenses, cameras and lighting in between the two. The brilliant portrait photographer relates to their subject as easily with a camera as without, and will be able to create the sense that there are simply two like-minded people sharing a moment or a conversation, while still being ready to capture the beautiful moment where the portrait comes alive.

Technical Mastery Is A Given

While concentrating so readily on the person to person interaction, a great portrait photographer must have the technical mastery of their equipment to be ready at the exact instant the portrait must be captured. It has been discussed in photographic history as the “decisive moment” – a fraction of a second where the subject becomes real, true and perfect for the capturing. This “decisive moment” in portrait photography requires that the technical issues of what lens, what camera settings, and what lighting to use, have all been taken care of well before the subject sits for the portrait – this gives a freedom to the photographer to simply release the shutter at the right moment!

Our Portrait Photographers Are Among Sydney’s Best

The portrait photography team at Israel Smith Photographers are trained in all these disciplines personally by Israel Smith. They are all brilliant communicators, and have the innate knack of “seeing” their subject the way they ought to be photographed – it is quite common for our clients to say “Oh, that image is just the essence of Fred!” where we’ve captured precisely who they are in a single, beautiful image.

Israel Smith’s Skilled Portrait Photographers

Another client described how she was looking at the portrait we’d taken of her son and “saw his soul looking back at her”. This is the power and the beauty of a brilliant portrait photograph by Israel Smith Photographers. Call us today and share with us what you’d like to see from your portrait photographs. We’d love to capture the real you in one of our portraits!