A Day In The Life Project

Israel on assignment at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick

Israel on assignment at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick

The Initial Concept.

At the start of 2009, the team at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (SCHF) approached me to work with them on a project called “A Day In The Life”. The concept was to document a full 24-hour period in a typical day of the hospital.

Drawing inspiration from a range of other similarly-themed projects, the style of shooting was designed to be much more documentary than the regular SCHF “look”. The initial concept was driven by the need for a striking marketing piece – a booklet that would act almost like a prospectus to potential supporters and donors.

In short, the project was designed to show the diversity of departments, depth of skill and quality of care that is provided by the fabulous SCH team day-in, day-out… 24/7/365.

Project Evolution.

The project completely captured my imagination, to the point that I developed a striking vision for the resulting photographs to be gritty, reality-based documentary images. My approach was to shoot as though I was in a battle-zone… capture as much as I could with integrity to the actual moments, and in doing so present a true record of what went on.

Light and Shade.

One of the beautiful but unexpected outcomes of the project was a deeper sense of “Light and Shade” in the depiction of the hospital than has been presented before by the SCHF. Not all of the images are happy smiley shots, but then it is a hospital after all. People don’t go in there because they’re feeling fantastic.

Final Outcomes

The team at the SCHF have produced the originally planned booklet, but the overall project scope has expanded somewhat!

The project now incorporates:

– a presentation for AIPP photographers;

– an 8-9 minute AV presentation, included below;

– a mini-exhibition in conjunction with the Champions For Children event;

– a full exhibition to be held on the Ground Floor of the hospital through December 2009 and January 2010;

– the possibility of a fine-art book showcasing the complete set of images;

– who knows what else!

The AV Presentation

[flv:SCHF-ADITL.flv 640 480]

The Images

The following images are the selection used in the mini-exhibition at the Champions For Children event.

The first four blue-toned images are the portfolio with which I achieved 2009 Canon Australian Runner-Up Documentary Photographer of the Year.


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