Israel Smith Introduces Well-Being Connections

Once again we are delighted to invite you to share in the expertise of one of our wonderful clients.

This months Local Spotlight is dedicated to Well-Being Connections. Jessica Birch, owner of Well-Being Connections, is a health and wellness coach that is committed to helping unfulfilled individuals overcome their sabotaging habits at a physical, mental and emotional level.

Personally we can vouch for Jessica’s skills. Jessice was Bel’s personal trainer & coach throughout her pregnancy with Rilien. Bel was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Jessica helped with an exercise and diet plan, and Bel was able to reduce her blood sugar levels to normal. Bel says “Jessica kept me accountable every week, and I am confident her support helped me have a pregnancy and birth free of risks associated with Gestational Diabetes.”

Having a suitable diet and exercise program is only one piece of the weight-loss puzzle. Sticking to the program is a whole other ball game!

At Well-Being Connections, Jessica uses her unique approach of combining cutting-edge health science with personal development ensures that you not only get results but you gain the lifestyle, confidence and happiness you deserve. Jessica is known for her “x-ray vision” in pin-pointing the underlying blocks that keep you stuck and struggling. She will show you how to master the simple skills and techniques for exceeding your own goals and maintaining results for the long-term. So….

Have you tried every diet and exercise program but still not maintaining your ideal weight?

Do you set great health goals only to sabotage them with emotional eating, procrastination or loss of motivation?

Then read below to claim your Special Gift or contact Wellbeing Connections or Call Jessica on 0415 475 338



As a gift to all Israel Smith subscribers Jessica is offering a Complimentary ” E..R.A.S.E Emotional Eating: Get starter kit” (Value $225).
Your Kit includes a 4-part video and mp3 training series, and best of all, you’ll discover:
-what is causing you to emotionally eat,
-why you haven’t been able to break the habit before now
– the steps you need to master to change the habit for good.
To ensure you get on the path to success Jessica has included a complimentary 45-min strategy session only valid for those that are serious about making a change.

Call Jessica on 0415 475 338 or contact her via email at with the key word “ISRAEL SMITH” to organise your session today.