After a brief, dissatisfying career as an IT Consultant, I opted-out of the corporate world in early 2004 and became a portrait photographer.

Some have said that I rose to success quickly, and I guess I did in many ways. I achieved Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) just 6 years later in 2010.

I had several wonderful years of building and growing the photography business, and my wife and I welcomed two children to our family. Indrani, born in 2006, and Rilien born in 2010, are a constant source of joy to me.

In early 2011, after my biggest year on record, I was diagnosed with stress-related depression, and spent time reassessing my life priorities, with the help of my beautiful wife Belinda. Fortunately, I made a full recovery. I still get the wobbles sometimes, and the depressions still come back if I don’t look after myself, but I’m a million percent better than 2011.

Since my recovery, I’ve realigned the photography business with my life’s priorities of great health, and quality family time. We don’t work on Sundays – it’s Family Day – and I gave up being a wedding photographer because it took away too much of my own family time on weekends.

With over 10 years experience as a portrait photographer, I now photograph families exclusively. I believe the family unit is vitally important, and should be celebrated through portraits.

I’m very fortunate to be able to blend my passions. Melding my love of family with my skill as a photographer, I create insightful portraits of energetic, loving, connected families.


the whole team

Not much happens in a vaccuum, and I am fortunate to be supported by a wonderful team.

Belinda, my amazing wife, works with me one day a week in the business (and about eight days a week in our household), supporting our marketing efforts, and being our financial wunderkind, managing the bookkeeping and budgeting. Belinda is also brilliant at making sure my ideas are rationally thought through, costed, and planned. This brings a fabulous level of detail and structure to the more “loose” methods I tend to employ.

Dorothy, Belinda’s amazing sister, works with me three days a week during school hours from her secluded home in Sydney’s South. Dorothy is our Customer Courtesy Angel, and is responsible for welcoming you – our clients – and ensuring you have a fabulous experience and are fully informed every step of your journey with us.

Indrani & Rilien are my delightful children, and are Unofficial Team Mascots of the studio. Indrani is a premmie-baby-come-good, and has grand aspirations of being a model, and making a difference. Rilien is an overdue baby who was born big and stayed big, and has grand aspirations of becoming Vector, or possibly Gru, from “Despicable Me”.

Indy & Kara are our Official Team Mascots, being our two rescue cats. We adopted them from the Cat Protection Society when they were kittens. Now, like all cats, they own and rule the place, and we just borrow it from them.


aipp and awards

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography is the leading representative body for photographers in Australia. It represents the finest image makers in the country, many of whom are regarded as among the best in the world.

I’m an Accredited Full Member of the AIPP, and have been since 2004. I have served for several years as volunteer Treasurer and Vice President for the NSW Council of the AIPP.

I have received many Silver (and the occasional Gold) Awards from both the NSW, and the Australian Professional Photography Awards.

I have been awarded:

  • Runner Up NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year 2008
  • Runner Up Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year 2009
  • Master of Photography 2010
  • Winner “Outstanding Professional Services” Randwick Business Excellence Awards 2007 & 2009

I continue to enter my photographs for judging in the NSWPPA’s and APPA’s for development and recognition of my work.


a short poem

Still reading? OK. In slightly more poetic tones, and to give you a deeper slice of who I am personally:

I am a husband and a father.
I am an artist. I am an entrepreneur.
I am a photographer. I am a writer.
I am a speaker, and I am a listener.
I am a musician. I am a creator.
I am a runner and a surfer.

I am diverse and unique.
I am here to help.

I am Israel Smith.

I photograph energetic, loving, connected families.
I publish daily inspirational quotographs.
I write about my journey.
I illuminate lives.